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About the Drink Wheel

The Intoximeters Inc. "Drink Wheel" is a form that you can fill out. Upon completion we will instantly compute your estimated blood/breath alcohol concentration ("BAC") based on the information that you have provided and return that estimate to you. It is presented as a public service to Intoximeters web site visitors. Its primary purpose is to provide useful information about the responsible use of alcohol.

Why is it called a "Drink Wheel"?

We call it the "Drink Wheel" because it is based on various paper and cardboard BAC calculators that are given out in alcohol awareness programs, some of which are in the form of a wheel that you can spin around to calculate your estimated BAC based on what and how much you have had to drink.

It would be extremely foolish for us to pretend that our "Drink Wheel" can tell you what your BAC actually is, first because it would open us up to an incredible amount of potential liability and second if it really did work accurately there would be no need for anyone to buy the instruments that we make and sell.

A person's actual BAC is dependent on many complex factors, including their physical condition (body composition, health etc...) and what they have recently ingested (including food, water, medications and other drugs). This site includes a more detailed discussion of the Pharmacology and Disposition of alcohol in humans.

The results that are generated are rough estimates of an average healthy person's BAC assuming typical beverage sizes, recipes and alcohol content. The BAC estimates generated by the Drink Wheel should not be used to infer anyone's fitness to work, drive or perform any other task or duty.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

How To Reinstate Driver License After DUI Conviction And Suspension

When a driver charged and convicted with DUI, a driver’s license can be reinstated according to the specific timelines specified in your DMV paperwork. Keep in mind that a criminal DUI conviction, a felony or a misdemeanor is a separate conviction that is not related to the suspension of your driver’s license. The entity issuing suspension on your driving privileges is the Department of Motor Vehicles, while the entity penalizing you for the criminal DUI offence is the criminal division of the court. With that said, some drivers get to keep their driver’s license and avoid the suspension completely while still being charged with the criminal DUI offence.

The DMV administrative hearing is the one where a DUI offender appears in front of a hearing officer for the DMV, who will decide on the license suspension, in other words, the suspension of the driving privileges. If the hearing officer for the DMV (not the judge in the criminal division of the county court) decides that the offense warrants a suspension, a Driver’s License suspension will be placed for a specific amount of time.

In California first time DUI offenders usually get at least thirty day driver license suspension. Upon the expiration of the suspension, a driver charged with a DUI can apply for reinstatement of the driver license contingent upon enrolment in a drunk driver program (DUI school), and obtaining an SR-22 form from the insurance carrier. SR-22 is a form that your car insurance carrier will file (by fax or online) and that the DMV has access to. In many cases, your insurance premium will go up considerably once you inform your insurance carrier about your DUI offence. It is advisable to seek quotes from different insurance companies, because the one you currently have may require you to pay outrageous increase in your insurance rates.

The savings from switching to a different insurance carrier can be substantial. For instance, I was paying around $160 for my monthly insurance premium with Nationwide Insurance before my DUI. I went to Farmer’s to get a quote and they quoted me over $400/mo. The Farmer’s agent recommended that I seek insurance quotes some place else.

In my DUI class, there were some people who gave me referrals to local insurance brokerages, which reportedly specialized in high risk cases such as drunk drivers and insurance for DUI offenders. But after looking into Geico’s insurance rates I was able to find a plan for around $70-80/mo which was substantial savings compare to what I paid before my DUI for my Nationwide insurance premiums. I have to say, however, that in order to get that insurance rate I had to pay off my car loan all at once. So, if your car loan balance is low, pay it off. That way you will be able to save substantial amounts of money on your increasing insurance premiums.

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